Drag Queens United

I started drag Queens United in 2011. I felt that dragqueens needed to work together more and to show the rest of the gay scene. That even we can work together and appreciate each other. In Amsterdam being gay is relatively safe. But it ain’t no San Francisco or Provincetown. And this city can be pretty rough. So why does the gay scene also discriminates each other? Fem queens, Butch girls, bears, skins, dragqueens, transvestites, twinks, seniors, jocks, bi’s, etc etc etc. They are all beautifull and in our opinion should be nicer to each other. no HATE!! So if we Dragqueens/transvestites can do it (with our reputation of being bitchy, gossippy) then we think everyone can. And as long as people are still using terms like: NO fats, NO fems, No Asians …… then we still have a mission!

Drag Queens United – Lipdub (Christmas Edition) from Lady Galore on Vimeo.

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