Lady Galore was created for Gay Pride 2009 in Amsterdam. After that she was unstoppable. She started out making her own outfits, practising make-up and making appearances to various party’s throughout the first year.

At the end of that year she teamed op with Photographer Remon van den Kommer, who to this day still works with her once in a while.

Throwing her own party’s, photo-shoots and uploading YouTube video’s were the next step. Since 2 years she is strutting her stuff on a international level. Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Madrid, Antwerp the sky is the limit.

She started up several events like the “right to feel safe” protest in 2010 and Drag Queens United in 2011 (more info on Drag Queens United).

She is also the founder of the House of Galore, a group of drag Queens who are talented, friendly, professional and have amazing looks, skills and creativity (more info on House of Galore).

The last years her hair has been created and perfected by John Gravemaker, the hair guru of the “girls”. And she wore outfits made by Arjan Veltman, and Drag A porter.

She acted in 2 films, 3 documentaries. Worked with amazingly talented photographers, drag Queens, artists and beautiful people. In 2012 together with Ava Chantilly they organised a gay pride boot for Drag Queens United. And again in aug. 2013 they are going to rock the gaypride in their drag queen united boat.

SInce januari 2012 every Sunday she organised, hosted, presented and performed at her own event called “Lady Galore’s drag night”. Which is currently every sunday in the Amstel 54. Also Lady Galore’s Gay High tea in the chocolate company Amsterdam and Lady Galore’s fabulous cocktail wednesdays in Taboo bar Amsterdam are a lot of fun!

She has lots of dreams, aspirations and hopes that she gets to travel more, meet great people and hold her friends close. I want to thank all the people who have been a positive influence on her.

Let’s make more GLAMOUR!

Love Sander (a.k.a. Lady Galore)

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